Pallet Delivery Services By Avango Couriers.

Our business was built on helping people getting goods delivered urgently, that’s why we’ve created this new service to offer same-day pallet delivery.

When it comes to getting palletised goods delivered, there are many transport companies that can help you, but the vast majority will tend to only offer next-day or economy (3-5 working day) delivery services.

Here at Avango Couriers Ltd, we know that sometimes tomorrow isn’t soon enough. Our business was built on delivering quickly, efficiently and safely wherever and whenever we are needed.

UK Pallet Delivery Banner

The Power of the Transport Network

The reason we are able to offer services on this scale is down to the huge, interconnected web of transport companies we work with.

Through being charter members of the UK’s largest professional courier network, we’re able to access a wealth of available vehicles at any time, which means we can often have goods collected quickly and delivered direct within hours.

When you call us to book a delivery, we have a ‘live availability map’ of over 1000 tracked drivers around the UK that operate a wide array of vehicles able to handle from a single pallet to full trailer-loads.

How it Works

We Collect

Call us, tell us what you need, we’ll tell you if it’s possible. In many cases we can often get a vehicle to you within 90 minutes.

We Drive

Dedicated transport means once your goods are on the vehicle, they get carried DIRECT to their destination. No hub transfers.

We Deliver

Pallets are taken straight to the delivery address and off-loaded, reducing the risk of loss or damage in transit. Everyone’s a winner.

What it Costs

We can’t publish our full pricing structure as it would give our competitors too much information. But here are some of basic prices to give you some idea of how affordable a same-day pallet delivery can be.

  • Single Pallets up to 1000kg starting from £40
  • 3-4 Pallets up to 1000kg (total) starting from £70
  • 10 Pallets up to 3000Kg (total) starting from £150

Sometimes Next Day is Okay

If your delivery requirements are not that urgent then we can still organise next-day deliveries at competitive rates too. Please be aware that we have a 1pm booking cut-off time for all next-day deliveries.

Coming Soon

This website is still currently under development and as such not all the information is available, but if there is anything you need to know please just contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.