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pallet with text load and go is operated by Avango Couriers Ltd, a privately owned courier company located close to Manchester, England.

Avango was launched in 2014 by Stuart Drinkwater, who had already been operating as a courier for a few years previous to starting the business.

Stuart had started out sub-contracting as an owner driver primarily doing pallet deliveries for the large networks and noticed how there seemed to be places in the supply chain where efficiencies could be made at no great cost to either customers or the transport providers.

Once Stuart had launched Avango, he hoped to be able to be able to get to work straight away on improving these processes, but as with most businesses, you need to get the ‘bread and butter’ work first in order to make sure we could walk before we ran.

UK Pallet Delivery’s Mission

In 2018, we had the solid foundation in place to be able to start UK Pallet Delivery, with the intention of improving some of the ways in which transport companies work together so that customers can get quicker deliveries, fewer damaged or lost goods and all at a price level that makes it a worthwhile consideration when compared to their current charges for next-day and economy deliveries.