February 16, 2019

Pallet Deliveries for Brexit Stockpiling

Union Flag Brexit

We’ll be honest and admit that here at UKPD towers (not a real place), we’re the kind of calm, considered people that believe Brexit doesn’t NEED to be a huge disaster and there are ways we can all trade without too much disruption.

But, that being said, we also know sometimes it’s wise to prepare for all eventualities. We all know that many business are stockpiling already, and many more will probably follow suit, as behaviour like this is usually infectious.

So, that’s where we are able to assist. Whatever it is that you may want to stock up on, we can most likely transport it for you.

Since the start of the new year we’ve been in discussions with five new transport companies to extend out capacity even further, whilst also preparing tenders for new customers that could provide an estimated total of over £350,000 in new pallet delivery revenue across the network.

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