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There’s more than one way

There’s almost always more than one way to solve any problem.

Many years ago I worked in a magazine production office. I managed a team of just four people. But if I handed out the same design brief to each member of the team, you could guarantee I would receive back four different designs. Which was no bad thing. Each person read and understood the task and interpreted it in their own way.

And that’s basically why we launched

Because whilst there are many transport and logistics operators in the UK already providing pallet delivery services, most of them have a very similar way of solving the problem. They use their own network with a limited number of members. This limits them to their own hubs, transferring the loads to the member assigned to each region.

This is good for bringing costs down, as goods share space on vehicles and each operator takes a share of the money to cover part of the journey.

We here at Avango think there’s an alternative. That is to use a huge number of independent same day couriers working as one enormous network. Whilst it means each vehicle covering a larger route, it brings more security and more peace of mind to the customer.

Now our prices are not the cheapest. But they are competitive. The type of service we offer means our deliveries are typically achieved same day with loads transported direct from collection to delivery points. Less risk. Less trans-shipping. Extended production time.

If you’re ready to cut of the risk of hub transfers and go direct, contact us today.

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